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We will try to give you as much information as possible about driving in South Africa.

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K53 is the name given to the standard of measuring a drivers’ ability to pass his driving test. In the past every testing officer had to judge for himself if a driver has enough driving skills to be allowed a licence. This was of course unacceptable and the CSIR was given the task (in the 1980’s to develop a standard means of measuring driver proficiency. The CSIR based their research on the UK system and called this project K53.

This system was officially implemented by the then National Road Safety Council in 1992. It was comprised of three volumes: one for the testing of heavy vehicles drivers, one for light motor vehicles and one for motor cycles.

The K53 was officially Gazetted by the Department of Transport in December 1998 as part of the Road Traffic Act Regulations.

An amended version was published on 7 April 2006. The most important addition was the introduction of a minimum vehicle length of 3m for a light motor vehicle test and 6m for a heavy vehicle test. The level of proficiency required to pass the heavy vehicle yard test was increased by reducing the number of allowable penalty points from 50 down to 20.

K53 is not really that complicated, but usually some formal training by a driving school will be needed. It is a fact that almost no-one drive according to the K53 system once they have their licence. Your mom and dad will most likely not be able to help you with this. Basic driving skills can be taught be an experienced driver, but for the finer points of the K53, you will need professional help.
The purpose of this website is to give you as much information as possible.

We are still in the early stages of developing the website, but we plan to provide you with the most comprehensive information about K53, the law, driving schools and every thing driving related.