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Learners Licence

How to apply for a learners licence:

Before you can apply for a Driving lLcence, you need to have a ‘Learners Licence’.
What is a Learners Licence? 
A learners is a licence that permits you to practice the driving skills, techniques and manouvres and obtain enough driving experience in order to be a safe driver. How to apply for a learners?
To apply for a learners licence you must be 17 years of age. You can write your learners licence at any licensing department in South Africa, but preferably the closest to you.


You will need:

  • A appointment date (made from the call centre)
  • ID book (or temporary ID)
  • Eye test
  • R66  (This amount differs from Province to Province)
  • 2 ID photo

At most testing stations in Gauteng  you need to phone the call centre. After the operator has given you the appointment date, you will be asked to physically report to the testing station of the area you have chosen to pay. This is in order to secure the booking. If not done, your booking will be considered cancelled after 5 working days due to non-payment.
This information will be given to you by the operator of the call centre when you book for your learners.
When you go to pay, you'll first need to complete Form LL1. With the Form LL1, you supply two photographs, your ID and pay the required fee.


The Learners Licence Test

At the day of the learners licence test, you'll need to report fifteen minutes earlier. if not sure where to go ask at the information counter.
You will then be directed to the examination room. The receipt for your appointment will be asked, so please remember it.
The examiner will then take you through the whole process of what is expected from you, what you are and not allowed to do. It is very important  to make sure that you understand what is expected from you, in terms of answering your paper.
The learners test examines your knowledge of the rules of the road, the road traffic signs, and the controls of a motor vehicle.
They give you about an hour to write the test, after you have all finished the examiners will mark and issue the results. If you have done well, the department will issue your Learners Licence which is only valid for 18 months.
Keep note that you will have to pay R36 for the issuing of a learners licence. (Subject to change)
Important to remember:
On the day of the test make sure you have the following:
SA ID book
The receipt for your appointment
R36 for issuing

Important: You  should not wait for a month before the learners expires to go for a driving test, you can start immediately.  It is not easy to get a driving test appointment.  Starting training and practicing  immediately will also help you to ensure you obtaining that drivers licence before the learner’s licence expire.